he Russian currency during the final working week mainly grew against the dollar and the euro, trying to compensate for the failure of last Wednesday. At the same time, the range of dollar fluctuations was 56.5-61.88 rubles, and the euro: 57-62.47 rubles.

The main factor behind the strengthening of the ruble was the strong trade balance of the Russian Federation, which again came out on top. The approach of payments to the budget and dividends by companies also promised an increase in the sale of foreign currency by exporters.

The external background remained uncertain, as the black gold market remained in a zone of strong turbulence. First, it fell from levels just above $105 per barrel of Brent and reached $94.5 at the moment, the lowest level since February. After that, oil rebounded and is trying to return to the psychologically significant level of $100 and stay there.

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