At the end of 2022, Baader Bank’s profit fell from 57. million euros to 12.2 million euros, according to preliminary data. The operating result of the Munich company is 1 .7 million euros compared to the previous 70.5 million euros. The profit per share for 2022 is 0.18 euros, after 1.00 euros last year. From 2022, shareholders must pay a dividend of EUR 0.05 per share of Baader Bank (WKN: 508810, ISIN: DE0005088108, chart) for the financial year 2022. Last year, the southern German company paid a dividend of EUR 0.35 per share . The financial service provider was able to reduce costs from 158 million euros to 1 9.1 million euros mainly due to the reduction of personnel costs. In 2022, however, Baader Bank’s revenues decreased even more sharply and reached 161.3 million euros compared to 215.5 million euros in 2021. In light of the financial market situation, the business result weakened strongly. „In the past fiscal year, the stock market environment and securities trading were characterized by uncertainty factors and a difficult market situation after the beginning of the year. Due to the decrease in the stock market turnover and the temporary non-directional performance of market participants, the overall trading result weakened in comparison with the exceptional year 2021, Baader Bank announced on Friday.

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