(RTTNews) – The Swiss stock market rose on Friday, a day after ending a three-day winning streak that saw it gain more than 1 0 points, or 1.3 percent. The SMI defied most other European markets, which fell after the US Treasury rate cut weakened demand for riskier assets. The SMI rose 61.38 points, or 0.55 percent, to end at 11,256.29 intraday after trading between 11,116.71 and 11,277.38. Among , assets, Sike rose .89 percent, while Credit Suisse rose 2. 7 percent, Compagnie Financiere Richemont 1.77 percent, Roche Holding 1. 2 percent, Novartis rose 1.17 percent, Swisscom rose 0.95 percent, Swiss5 0, 95 percent. percent, Swatch Group rose 0.21 percent and Swiss Re eased 0.02 percent. Economic News Swiss industrial output continued to grow strongly in the last quarter thanks to strong industrial growth, while construction output fell, the Federal Statistical Office said on Friday. Industrial production grew 6.1 percent annually in the last quarter, slightly faster than the 6.0 percent in the third quarter. On the corporate side, reinsurance company Swiss Re AG (SSREY.PK) on Friday reported a net profit of $ 72 million for fiscal 2022, up from $1. billion last year. In the fourth quarter, net profit was $757 million. The decrease resulted from the effect of economic inflation on the realized and expected losses of real estate and property and victims, the effect of market values ​​on stock investments listed in the stock market, and higher than expected compensations for natural disasters.

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