As of this writing the USD/ZAR is trading near the 16.78000 realm and is within sight of short term highs. From the 10th until the 14th of August the USD/ZAR currency pair tested lows near the 16.12000 to 16.10000 realms. On the 2nd of August the USD/ZAR was near the 16.91000 ratio, after its fall to lows in the second week of the month, the Forex pair then managed to climb upwards and hit a high of around 17.14000 on the 23rd. One week later the USD/ZAR has continued to produce a rather swirling range of results for speculators near highs.

The USD/ZAR does appear to take on tranquil trading conditions often, but then can be hit with volatile spikes. Entry price orders when speculating on the USD/ZAR can be used to limit the dangers of sudden fluctuations and to deliver more reliable price fills that meet expectations. Having retested highs in August near 17.14000 which came within sight of apex marks which hit the 17.27000 juncture a few times during the third week of July, the USD/ZAR was not able to penetrate the top resistance levels.

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