The USD/BRL has displayed ability to move slightly upwards the past day of trading, but technically the forex pair remains within sight of near term support.

Speculators who want to wager on the USD/BRL via trading today will have plenty of technical considerations to make. The USD/BRL has proven its long term ability to open the day’s trading with vivid gaps, so speculators should monitor the start of the day. Yesterday’s closing price for the USD/BRL currency pair was near 5.1450, which essentially places price action near the upper realms of its five day chart.

However, even as the USD/BRL has accomplished a slight bullish run and been able to sustain the ‘highs’, the forex pair actually has shown ability to incrementally trade lower in the past month. The notion that the financial world is now within the dog days of summer in the northern hemisphere should be taken into consideration, because trends sometimes can prove to be illusions this time of year – meaning they are short lived. Yet, the USD/BRL has mirrored many other major currencies the past handful of weeks and shown some bearish tendencies.

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