The Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the claim of the passenger „daughter” of Russian Railways – JSC „FPK” – which asked to oblige the Spanish Patentes Talgo to fulfill the contract for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock dated May 2014 and recover 202.5 million rubles from Talgo.

„The claim is fully satisfied,” the information on the court’s website says.

Other data has not yet been published.

At the end of May, the court recognized as legal the transfer of equipment and spare parts to the FPC, which operates the Strizh trains, formed from the cars of the Spanish company.

The FPC lawsuit against Talgo was filed in mid-April. In it, the FPC drew attention to the fact that the defendant is registered in Spain, which may make it difficult to return her property in the event of its seizure.

FPC operates a total of 140 Talgo cars – the companies signed a contract to supply seven 20-car trains in 2011. Trains „Strizh”, assembled from these cars, were used on the routes Moscow – Berlin, Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg – Samara and Moscow – St. Petersburg. Now Talgo rolling stock on the Moscow-Nizhniy Novgorod route has been replaced by Lastochka electric trains.

The carriages of the Strizh train are equipped with a system for automatically changing the gauge of the railway, which allows the train to change from the Russian standard gauge (1520 mm) to the European standard (1435 mm).

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