Russia will not extend the ban on sugar exports to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) after August 31, 2022. Priority in trade within the EAEU will be given to sales of sugar to the domestic market of the Union member states, journalists were told in the trade bloc of the EEC.

Members of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission instructed the authorized bodies of the EAEU countries to work on contracting sugar supplies within the framework of mutual trade to meet existing domestic needs. „At the same time, the parties will have to proceed from the priority of selling sugar to the domestic market of the Member States, as well as the fact that the restrictions in force in the Russian Federation until August 31, 2022 on such supplies will not be extended,” the bloc’s representative said.

„Based on the results of consultations at the EEC site, guarantees were given regarding the possibility of concluding contracts and supplying the necessary volumes of sugar after September 1,” said Andrei Slepnev, EEC Trade Minister, who was quoted in the block.

In particular, the Ministries of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan agreed on a position according to which Russia will supply 168,000 tons of sugar to Kazakhstan by the end of the year.

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