China’s FX regulator is the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). This earlier:

  • Chinese commercial banks bought USD 5.9bn of FX in June vs. 1.5bn in May

SAFE following up with remarks:

  • Companies’ cross border financing in H1 remains stable
  • Size of fx derivative trading continues rising, FX reserves largely stable
  • Yuan exchange rate prominently stable despite US Dollar strength
  • International capital has been flowing out from emerging markets recently
  • The influence and attractiveness of China’s bond market have risen significantly
  • Volatility of china’s bond market far below other developed and emerging markets, shows relatively high stability
  • Further opening up China’s bond market could improve resilience of FX market
  • Confident overseas investors will continue to steadily increase investment in yuan denominated bonds

The statements are trying to convey SAFE is not overly concerned by the large outflow reported earlier. I suspect they’d not want that repeated or accelerated this month though. Capital outflow from China is not a CCP goal.

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