Retailer „Magnit” has completed the transfer of the delivery service to its own IT platform – a development of the company, created on Russian software.

Now all the functions that were previously carried out on a third-party platform are fully implemented internally, the company said in a statement.

„We used a third-party platform to quickly launch an online delivery service for our customers and from the very beginning considered it as a temporary solution. Now we can better manage the speed of order fulfillment, regularly introduce new user options: marketing updates, improved functionality in the application, and much more Our own platform allows us to fully see the customer journey, analyze current needs and predict their changes,” said Evgeny Nikolaev, Sales and Marketing Director for e-commerce at Magnit.

Currently, Magnit is implementing a number of online delivery projects – its own and partners (express delivery, regular delivery, online pharmacy, cosmetics delivery and partnerships).

The total online turnover (GMV) of the retailer in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 9.2 billion rubles (including VAT) compared to 0.9 billion rubles a year earlier. The average check for all online services amounted to about 1,116 thousand rubles (including VAT), which is 2.7 times higher than the check in convenience stores.

Magnit’s e-commerce services cover 7,303 thousand offline stores and 21 dark stores in 66 regions and 410 settlements. 71% of the segment’s current revenue is generated outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The largest and fastest growing segment is express delivery.

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