EUR/USD entered the weekend at near-term highs, challenging levels not seen since June 2022. Optimistic bullish speculators who were looking for bullish momentum in EUR/USD may be right in their view. EUR/USD entered the weekend near 1.05 00, approaching short-term highs seen earlier on Friday. EUR/USD’s ability to gradually rise and hold value has mirrored the performance of the broader forex market, as the USD remains weak against many of its peers. Advertisement SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY EUR/USD IS THE MOST TRADABLE PAIR TRADE EUR/USD NOW image Traders who stay bullish and believe they will gain momentum are born in the coming days, but once they can’t be . was accused a higher rate can start to run out of this jet-like fuel. EUR/USD certainly seems to have moved past the parity concern and below the 1.00000 mark. Now the question for speculators is where the behavior will lead to EUR/USD. Fed outlook was positive on EUR/USD On Wednesday last week EUR/USD, like many of its forex counterparts, was near the bottom when 1.02900 appeared. However, to the delight of bullish EUR/USD traders, US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell gave a speech in which he stated that US interest rate policy is likely to change and become less aggressive. Confirmation of the „easing” of the hawkish central bank mandates requested by the US has certainly created buying interest within EUR/USD. Resistance levels quickly rose above targets and proved vulnerable. As the 1.0 900 ratios started to fluctuate, last seen on Monday last week, EUR/USD started to show continued ability to hold higher on Thursday and Friday before the weekend. EUR/USD rose above 1.05,000 late last week for the first time since around June 29. This week’s business is intriguing early. If EUR/USD holds above 1.05000, this could be a sign for financial houses that are happy with this price and do not believe that the currency pair is overbought. On November 3, EUR/USD is trading near the 0.97300 level and has been stable and bullish since that low. Perspectives on financial houses can now consider values ​​near 1.06000 as legitimate targets. EUR/USD Weekly Outlook: Speculative price range for EUR/USD is 1.03700-1.078 0 If EUR/USD does not suffer a strong reversal at the beginning of this week, it can be seen as a positive sign for bullish speculators. Sure, EUR/USD is falling, but it’s all about volatility. If EUR/USD supports its 1.05000 level without suffering lower depths, it would be very interesting, but it is more likely that 1.0 700 1.0 500 will face some kind of challenge. If EUR/USD falls below that 1.0 000, it would not be the end of the EUR/USD uptrend that has started. Realistic support appears strong around 1.03700. Traders who are bullish but conservative may want to use lower support ratios as placements to ignite buy positions. EUR/USD has made a fairly steady rise over the last two months, but it didn’t come without a fight. Risk management remains a key factor for day traders looking to continue their growth. Also important is the fact that EUR/USD has increased significantly over the past few days. This could lead to a short-term selling reaction by financial institutions who thought the growth was too fast and exaggerated. However, if 1.05000 holds its price and behavioral sentiment remains more optimistic about the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy, EUR/USD may have more room to rise. Investors should remain realistic and not target the month, but if the 1.06000 cross is tested and breaks higher, the technical charts may lead speculators and financial institutions to believe that the first and second weeks of June could be attractive.

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