The recent trend in EUR/USD received an additional injection of jet fuel into the positive behavioral sentiment yesterday. EUR/USD steadily increased over the last 12 hours after economic data and remarks from the US Federal Reserve added to the gains. Advertisement SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY EUR/USD IS THE MOST TRADABLE PAIR TRADE EUR/USD NOW image Speculators note that Forex trading volumes are lower than normal today and this includes the lack of EUR/USD being affected of American banking institutions. . Traders should be prepared for sudden movements in EUR/USD prices that appear to rise technically without profit when large orders are considered in an unbalanced market. Following the holiday trade warning above, speculators should be bullish on EUR/USD in the near term. The recent EUR/USD uptrend shown at received an additional injection of jet fuel yesterday, adding to the positive behavioral sentiment. US economic data via the Flash Services and Manufacturing PMI statistics were weaker than expected. But more important was the publication of the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Reserve, which signaled that several key members of the US central bank wanted to begin to withdraw from aggressive interest rates. Emergence of Fundamental Dovish Rhetoric An Important Sign in EUR/USD Trade Technically, EUR/USD was in a long-term uptrend, but the sustained decline began to end at the end of September when the pair reached the 0.95 00 level. Since November 3rd, when EUR/USD was close to 0.97350, the forex pair gradually increased, as financial houses showed clear signs that they no longer believed that the US Federal Reserve could maintain its hawkish interest rate policy . Yesterday’s statement about the Fed’s thinking through the „Protocol” protocol showed that this view is probably correct. Thanksgiving in the US means light trading volumes today and volatile conditions will create tomorrow. Traders targeting EUR/USD in the near term should be cautious. Until full trading volume resumes after this weekend, EUR/USD may see very quiet price action interspersed with sudden, lightning-fast spikes. Risk management is necessary in the near future. Chasing the Emerging Bullish Trend is tempting, but caution should be exercised at EUR/USD for traders looking to push the price higher and hoping for a significantly higher rate. However, day traders must be prepared for volatile conditions, as holiday trading and its typical lack of volume lead to spikes that are often inexplicable. Looking for a move to the top with a buy at EUR/USD could prove to be profitable bets, but traders should remain realistic and take profits when they are reached. The lack of strong trading volume in EUR/USD may indicate price movements that do not seem to correlate with current behavioral sentiment. Full trading volume will not resume until next week, until then EUR/USD traders should be very cautious.

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