After all, this is a market that is also heavily influenced by mainland China and Asian markets. AUD/USD is down significantly during Thursday’s trade as we continue to see a lot of negativity. We dipped below 0.63 at one point but then turned around to show signs of life. At the end of the day, this is a market where I think we will still see some downside because the Reserve Bank of Australia has been thought to have raised interest rates much less than expected recently, and of course the housing market. for Australians to care. Advertisement Do you have a place to try? Don’t wait! Trade AUD/USD Now the 50-day EMA is just above 0.65, which is a big, round, psychologically important number and an area where we’ve seen selling pressure before. If we were to break above that, it could open the door for a bigger move, perhaps even to the 0.67 level. However, this is highly unlikely as the market has been very negative for some time and for sure. Also, the Federal Reserve has reiterated its hawkish stance, so there’s no reason to think anything has changed. Expected Volatility Rally at this point is an opportunity to pick up „GPS Dollars” showing signs of exhaustion. Whenever this market looks tired, I short it because I think we will fall below 0.62. The 0.62 level is an area that we have seen the market bounce from in the past, so if we were to break through the area, it is likely that the AUD will fall to the 0.60 level. After all, this is a market that is also heavily influenced by mainland China and Asian markets. In addition, the market must also pay close attention to commodity demand, which will almost certainly collapse as the world heads into a global recession. I expect a lot of volatility as Friday’s session includes the non-farm payrolls report, so if we get any knee-jerk reaction to the upside, I’ll be looking for signs of exhaustion and may start. fading because a long-term trend is so closely related and will not collapse anytime soon. After all, this market was noisy, and that kind of volatility doesn’t usually lead to risk-taking.

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