Where is something going on on the stock market, which topics are currently of particular interest to investors? For traders in particular, it is important to know where “the music is playing” and which topics are currently the focus of particular attention on the stock exchange. And here it is not the 4investors editorial team that decides, but the readers. Which of our reports attracted a lot of attention, what were our readers particularly interested in? You have decided: The 4investors top news of the last 24 hours:

Allianz share: chances of bottoming out are tangible

Does the technical turnaround in the Allianz share beckon? A first step in this could be a potential bottoming above the previous 2022 bear low of $170.00 hit on September 7th. But this step is not yet complete, as a look at the current Allianz share chart (WKN: 840400, ISIN: DE0008404005, Chart) shows. A look at what the DAX value is still missing for the trend reversal. 

Commerzbank share: Rally towards multi-year high possible

This week, the Commerzbank share was able to climb to EUR 8.366 before a setback at this mark began on Tuesday. After the technical support area of ​​EUR 7.73/7.76 was not endangered on Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision helped Commerzbank’s share price significantly get back on its feet yesterday. However, after the rise to EUR 8.348, there was another significant drop in the price intraday. The Commerzbank share (WKN: CBK100, ISIN: DE000CBK1001) ended trading at EUR 8.184. 

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